Meet our new colleague!

VIBE Agency is proud to present our newest addition to the team, Anne Yven! Anne recently moved to Norway from France and has been working with several exciting projects over the years. Since 2008 Anne has been a freelance journalist at and other well renowned publications. She worked as a communication manager at Plages Magnétiques (formerly Penn ar Jazz) and festival Le Son Des Pierres / Le Son Des Peuples as well as festival coordinator on the latter. She’s also done booking and communication for Naï Nô Production / Jazz music company. We are excited for Anne to bring her knowledge and network over to VIBE Agency!

«To join Vibe Agency is a continuation of what I’ve been doing in years : working with musicians, companies, organisations and festivals and also as a reviewer/journalist in contemporary jazz. It’s all about sharing music, promoting artists, helping audiences and professionals discover them. The new generation of musicians from Norway and the connected scenes are trully exceptional. They’ve never stopped impressing me since I started listening to them years ago. I’m honored and happy to work for these musicians. And it’s even more exciting to start doing it at a time when we have been missing live music so much. It’s hight time audience and artists meet again!»
– Anne