Erlend Apneseth Trio

Erlend Apneseth Trio is one of the most innovative and active bands in Norway these days, and are combining the sound of Norwegian Folk Music, jazz and electronica in a very unique way. They have received several prizes and nominations for their three releases on the acclaimed record label Hubro, the latest winning a Norwegian GRAMMY in the Open Category 2019 and being a nomination for the Nordic Music Awards 2019. Extensive touring in Norway and Europe the last five years have excited both new and recurring audiences wherever they go.

The trio consists of Erlend Apneseth (Hardanger fiddle), Stephan Meidell (guitar/live-sampling) and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums/percussion). They are all critically acclaimed artists and composers in their respective fields, and their improvisational approach make every event unique.

The BBC Music Magazine gave it the highest possible rating, and wrote: “The diversity of moods, styles, settings – and the track sequence – make for an enthralling listen.” MOJO praised the trio’s “close, intuitive compositions groaning, roiling and clattering with a raw exploratory life, creating a wild new strain of Norwegian folk tunes that move, appropriately, from sun-dappled utopianism to the bleakest noir netherworld.” Now the trio is returning with a masterly, poetic and surprising album where the musicians sound more cohesive than ever.

Erlend Apneseth Trio released their third album, «Salika, Molika», on Hubro in April 2019.

«This is music of sublime beauty»
– Allaboutjazz

«An enthralling listen»
– BBC Music Magazine

«Straddling the past, future and present at the same time»

«Folk tradition revitalized within a digitised and polyglot world»
– The Wire

« A soothing music to invigorate the mind and body»
– Le Monde (FR)